List of commercial failures in video gaming

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However, Fox became heavily involved in drug culture, which along with his father's death precipitated a physical and mental breakdown. It came out in and was Nintendo's first failed console release. She also returned to the franchise that made her famous with Halloween - which became the biggest commercial success of the franchise and some critics called it her best work in years. However, exposure to other characters from older games has increased interest and demand for them, especially when the heroes in question are extremely good in the meta.

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Known for his comedic roles in the s, Keaton first hit it big playing the titular role in the Tim Burton Batman film. But her next big project was a war drama called From Here to Eternity - which saw her going against type as a depressed adulteress. Released late in the Genesis era, the Nomad had a short lifespan.

Keitel was an up and comer in the s, with his performance in Taxi Driver in particular gaining him favorable attention. Originally, she was best known for playing Flonne in the Disgaea franchise, as well as having a few roles in anime before the industry burst in the mids. Morgan Freeman in Million Dollar Baby.

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The Glee versions themselves have been pretty big hits on the Billboard charts. Critics and the gaming community reacted poorly to the release. Seasick Steve's regular appearances on Jools Holland's Hootenanny made him popular. Also inverted to a lesser extent by the Silversun Pickups. There exists a character named Derpy Hooves, who is extremely popular with the fans.

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Emily Blunt in Into the Woods. After the visual special for Lemonade took heavy inspiration from the film, it was re-released in theaters and received a new poster. Riding the hype and acclaim of the role, Ellen received a talk show and a couple of stints hosting the Oscars, and she's now considered one of America's most beloved celebrities. One member becomes famous, and then the crew come with him.

Since then, it gained newspaper syndication and book collections are being published by a major publisher. Tom Hardy in Bronson and Inception.

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Thirteen years later, the main draw of Finding Dory was considered to be that DeGeneres was the star. After a good sales start in both the U.

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He was then cast to play the role of Capt. Although it seems impossible looking back at his career over the past twenty years, there was a time when Hopper was anathema to studios and audiences. Marlon Brando in The Godfather.